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I encourage you to get involved in service. There are many viable ways of service, below are three ways that are close to my heart, and I invite you to pray and determine which is a best fit for you and your life.
Service and or Connecting with others aids not only the recipient but the giver.

If you feel the calling to donate to one of these programs listed below please click the button below to make your donation.


Big Brothers and Big Sisters:

Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of the oldest and largest youth mentoring organizations in the United States. The organization's goal is to help all children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with volunteer mentors.

WHY? Our youthful years mold us and children questioning daily. To have the guidance of a stable volunteer can contribute to a young persons perspective of life that can last a lifetime.

Getting Started

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

TCU Endowment for Brite Divinty  :

Texas Christian University is granting a Caesar Rentie endowment in honor of future seminary students

WHY? Spiritual Guidance is so important and although many people avoid this subject it has been my profound experience this is a vital part of living.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Non Profit to Aid Public Education: coming soon

This will be a program to help support public schools

WHY? All public schools can benefit from aid.


When I think about the ability to live out the full meaning of my life and who God has created me to be, I can’t help but think about how the ability to do this begins with the deep connections I have with people, and communities who seek goodwill for my life. Thus my hope is to inspire community building in all of us so that we may all live our best life.
-Caesar Rentie


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